• Welcome to Online Strategy Summit 2012 – June 10, 2012 – The Millennium Harvest House Hotel, Boulder, CO

    Online Strategy Summit is an annual full day conference in Boulder, Colorado, aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the “how-to” information for developing an online strategy for their businesses.  In today’s business world, having an online strategy is like having a bank account – you simply cannot do without it – and too many entrepreneurs treat their website like a brochure.

    The speakers at Online Strategy Summit will show entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of the internet to turn their websites into  profit centers that drives sales and brings in new customers.

    At the end of the conference, you’ll walk out with a strategic plan that you can start implementing immediately for:

    • Building a list of highly qualified prospects for your business using the power of the internet (hint: it’s a lot faster and easier than face to face networking).
    • Pricing and positioning your product or service in a way that maximizes perceived value (and more importantly, your profits).
    • Making sure that your marketing message and your personal brand attract your ideal customers -  the ones who pay and keep coming back.
    • Creating highly compelling sales copy that converts shoppers to buyers, while remaining compliant with the various regulatory bodies.
    • Driving traffic to your site through social media and creating raving loyal fans who will spread the word about your business for you.
    • Setting up your website in a way that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness in your business- what to outsource and what to do yourself.
    • Protecting your intellectual property online- what to do now to avoid kicking yourself later.
    • And more…